Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Sleeping Bag Bedspread Zipit Bedding

ZipIt Bedding As Seen On TV Sleeping Bag Bedspread

Zipit Bedding Works Just Like A Sleeping Bag

With Zipit Bedding even the youngest child will be able to make their own bed. It is as easy as zipping up a sleeping bag. They might even enjoy making their beds now.

Just Zip It and say goodbye to messy, unmade beds. The bedding is fun and interactive, one side even glows in the dark! Keep kids warm and cozy and tucked in all through the night. Another cool features kids seem to love is the zipped side pockets. They can store all kinds of things inside.

Zipit Bedding comes in two sizes and you'll receive a free bonus matching pillow. Zipit Bedding is revolutionizing the way kids make their beds.

So be the cool parent and get the bedding kids are sure to love! Be the first one in your neighborhood to get the bedding that is like a sleeping bag.

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