Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Tummy Stuffers Pet Shaped Plush Storage Container

Tummy Stuffers - The Fun Way to Put Your Stuff Away

Tummy Stuffers is the plush storage pal stuffed animal that will encourage your youngster to enjoy putting their stuff away. The Tummy Stuffer is also ideal for nap time and bed time. Your child can store a book, blanket and pillow inside their fun buddy and be all set for a bedtime story.

Does your child have a difficult time putting their things away like their hats, coverings, pillows, playthings, books, and other stuff? Tummy Stuffers are the infomercial fun plush toy kids across the country are going crazy for. Tummy Stuffers is the fun time way for your kids to tuck and hide their belongings. They can stuff their possessions inside the monkey, ladybug, pet dog, unicorn, gator, and kitty.

Tummy Stuffers encourage organization, neater and tidier rooms. Tummy Stuffers is the deluxe storage space buddy that will certainly motivate your child to have a good time while putting their stuff away.

The soft storage space container for your youngsters.

The plush, animal shaped container that zips up and holds products.

Charming luxurious plush storage compartment 

Choose from 6 different tummy stuffer pets.

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