Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Side Socket Flush Power Wall Strip

Side Socket is the astonishing swivel surge guard. Three times the your socket space and clear up those cords. The Side Socket 90 degree swiveling electric strip is excellent for hard to reach spots.

The Side Socket Outlet that is also a surge guard is one the very best creations you may come across. The simplicity of transforming a two plug outlet into a 6 with the capability of utilizing space and arranging wires out of the way is amazing. Helps for furniture to be placed more flush against the wall.

Now you can clear up and organize those cords in your home, garage and office, with The Side Sockets eletrical gadget. It has a patented 90 degree swiveling surge protector design.

Side Socket is the extraordinary swivel flush protector. Triple your socket space and clear up those wires. The Side Socket Outlet 90 degree whirling electric strip is optimal for hard to reach locations.

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