Monday, May 06, 2013

Pocket Hose Ultra Lightweight

Pocket Hose Ultra Brass As Seen On TV

Pocket Hose is the hose that expands and fits in your pocket!
Simply turn on the water and watch it grow!

The Lightweight Expandable, Easy-To-Store, Impressive Pocket Hose

Use this yard hose anywhere! Water your yard! Affixed to any type of spout.

Presenting the As Seen On TELEVISION Pocket Hose, the garden hose that's small enough to fit in your pocket, then expands automatically to a big full sized hose! Just turn on the water and watch this mini hose grow to optimal size like magic!

Pocket Hose is very light-weight and simple to take care of, making it beneficial to put up or store anywhere even in your pocket! And, when you shut off the water to the Pocket Hose, it shrinks back to its initial mini dimension. Most importantly, it never ever kinks, spins or tangles like ordinary hoses! The trick is Pocket Hose's extensible accordion style that helps it increase long and strong enough for any sort of laborious. Perfect for yards, terraces, patios and more, you merely switch on the water and watch Pocket Hose increase and grow and expand!

Fits in a pocket yet expands to a complete size hose!
The Pocket Hose is the transportable, compact hose that expands to a full dimension hose, however analyzes less than a pound! It's gentle enough to spray your yard and durable sufficient to hose down your patio. Turn the water off, and the Pocket Hose shrinks back to its initial size. It's the excellent replacement to those large hoses that knot and kink. Pocket Hose is likewise offered in 50, 75 and 100 foot sizes.

Pocket Hose Benefits:
Small enough to fit in your pocket.
Twist, twist will not knot.
Super light in weight easy to maneuver.

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