Friday, May 03, 2013

Dura Wallet Ultra Strong Thin Wallet

Dura Wallet - As Seen On TV Expanding Slim Wallet

The Dura Wallet is paper thin however extremely useful and holds plenty.

DuraWallet is made from a single folded piece of Tyvek which is the same material made of an industrial packaging allowing you to hold a credit cards and money with a slimmer feel! The Dura Wallet is designed to provide you that light weight feel yet still satisfy all your necessities by holding your stuff!

The Dura Wallet is Eco-friendly.
It is made from a lightweight Tyvek.
It is sturdy and should not tear.
Is stain and soil resistant.
Incredibly slim.
The Dura Wallet makes a wonderful present.

Your search for a thinner wallet stops now. This light-weight wallet is not large and fits should fit perfectly in your pocket.

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