Thursday, May 09, 2013

Nuwave PIC Precision Induction Portable Cooktop

The Nuwave Preciseness Induction Cooktop is the one of the only compact cooktops that supplies you with the precise heat with just a press of a button. This greater performance portable induction burner cooktop is functional, energy efficient, and has an LCD program control panel. It is also very easy to clean.

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC) offers exact temperature control, modifiable in 10 degree increments. The Nuwave PIC is a great choice to bring to a banquet/catering warming station.

The NuWave PIC does the thinking for you. It supplies state-of-the fine art programs technology with 100 hrs of memory that permits you to conserve and recall preferred cooking treatments. Different features or "stages," including differing cooking times and temperature levels, can be repeated at a later date. 

The NuWave PIC was engineered in a circular fashion, getting rid of excess space that serves no food preparation function. 

The Nuwave Oven is a grill, steamer, fondue maker, deep fryer, rice cooker and even a slow cooker. It is you all in one kitchen solution and heats up 2 times as fast. It has been featured on tv on ABC, FOX and other television channels!

The cosmetically kindlying Nuwave Induction unit additionally supplies top-of-the-line safety components that advertise risk-free and healthy and balanced food preparation for people and families, consisting of automated shutoff when cooking time is finished.

Once you have tried induction cooking you won't want to go back to a conventional cooktop. You have more control of the precise temperature and you will save time. No more waiting for the cooktop to heat up. Boil water faster!

Even with its mobility and compact size, the NuWave PIC supplies a big cooking area, measuring 9 inches in diameter. In this instance, bigger is better, with the PIC enabling greater diversity in cooking vessels and part dimensions.

NuWave PIC Induction Cooktop is budget friendly, eco-friendly, and portable induction cooking system. The cutting-edge safety functions protect against fire or burns.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Pocket Hose Ultra Lightweight

Pocket Hose Ultra Brass As Seen On TV

Pocket Hose is the hose that expands and fits in your pocket!
Simply turn on the water and watch it grow!

The Lightweight Expandable, Easy-To-Store, Impressive Pocket Hose

Use this yard hose anywhere! Water your yard! Affixed to any type of spout.

Presenting the As Seen On TELEVISION Pocket Hose, the garden hose that's small enough to fit in your pocket, then expands automatically to a big full sized hose! Just turn on the water and watch this mini hose grow to optimal size like magic!

Pocket Hose is very light-weight and simple to take care of, making it beneficial to put up or store anywhere even in your pocket! And, when you shut off the water to the Pocket Hose, it shrinks back to its initial mini dimension. Most importantly, it never ever kinks, spins or tangles like ordinary hoses! The trick is Pocket Hose's extensible accordion style that helps it increase long and strong enough for any sort of laborious. Perfect for yards, terraces, patios and more, you merely switch on the water and watch Pocket Hose increase and grow and expand!

Fits in a pocket yet expands to a complete size hose!
The Pocket Hose is the transportable, compact hose that expands to a full dimension hose, however analyzes less than a pound! It's gentle enough to spray your yard and durable sufficient to hose down your patio. Turn the water off, and the Pocket Hose shrinks back to its initial size. It's the excellent replacement to those large hoses that knot and kink. Pocket Hose is likewise offered in 50, 75 and 100 foot sizes.

Pocket Hose Benefits:
Small enough to fit in your pocket.
Twist, twist will not knot.
Super light in weight easy to maneuver.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Dura Wallet Ultra Strong Thin Wallet

Dura Wallet - As Seen On TV Expanding Slim Wallet

The Dura Wallet is paper thin however extremely useful and holds plenty.

DuraWallet is made from a single folded piece of Tyvek which is the same material made of an industrial packaging allowing you to hold a credit cards and money with a slimmer feel! The Dura Wallet is designed to provide you that light weight feel yet still satisfy all your necessities by holding your stuff!

The Dura Wallet is Eco-friendly.
It is made from a lightweight Tyvek.
It is sturdy and should not tear.
Is stain and soil resistant.
Incredibly slim.
The Dura Wallet makes a wonderful present.

Your search for a thinner wallet stops now. This light-weight wallet is not large and fits should fit perfectly in your pocket.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Tummy Stuffers Pet Shaped Plush Storage Container

Tummy Stuffers - The Fun Way to Put Your Stuff Away

Tummy Stuffers is the plush storage pal stuffed animal that will encourage your youngster to enjoy putting their stuff away. The Tummy Stuffer is also ideal for nap time and bed time. Your child can store a book, blanket and pillow inside their fun buddy and be all set for a bedtime story.

Does your child have a difficult time putting their things away like their hats, coverings, pillows, playthings, books, and other stuff? Tummy Stuffers are the infomercial fun plush toy kids across the country are going crazy for. Tummy Stuffers is the fun time way for your kids to tuck and hide their belongings. They can stuff their possessions inside the monkey, ladybug, pet dog, unicorn, gator, and kitty.

Tummy Stuffers encourage organization, neater and tidier rooms. Tummy Stuffers is the deluxe storage space buddy that will certainly motivate your child to have a good time while putting their stuff away.

The soft storage space container for your youngsters.

The plush, animal shaped container that zips up and holds products.

Charming luxurious plush storage compartment 

Choose from 6 different tummy stuffer pets.

Side Socket Flush Power Wall Strip

Side Socket is the astonishing swivel surge guard. Three times the your socket space and clear up those cords. The Side Socket 90 degree swiveling electric strip is excellent for hard to reach spots.

The Side Socket Outlet that is also a surge guard is one the very best creations you may come across. The simplicity of transforming a two plug outlet into a 6 with the capability of utilizing space and arranging wires out of the way is amazing. Helps for furniture to be placed more flush against the wall.

Now you can clear up and organize those cords in your home, garage and office, with The Side Sockets eletrical gadget. It has a patented 90 degree swiveling surge protector design.

Side Socket is the extraordinary swivel flush protector. Triple your socket space and clear up those wires. The Side Socket Outlet 90 degree whirling electric strip is optimal for hard to reach locations.