Monday, January 28, 2013

Flip Jack Orgreenic Frying Pan Flipper

Flip Jack Pancake Pan

Flip Jack is the double pan by Orgreenic. It is a pan with two sides. Just close when you cook and flip it. It is perfect for cooking pancakes, flap jacks, eggs, grilled sandwiches and so much more. Makes it so easy to flip your foods without using a spatula.

Flip Jack Pan by Orgreenic

The pan is a no mess, non-stick way to flip flapjacks, pancakes, eggs, french toasts and sandwiches.

Flip Jack by Orgreenic is the all new nonstick pancake flipping pan! Flip Jack uses Orgreenic ceramic cookware's revolutionized nonstick layer for the most convenient way to make ideal sized pancakes each time!

With the Flip Jack pan, merely add your favored pancake batter, close the lid, and flip the pan. Flip Jack pan is so instant you'll flip pancakes with just one hand, and glide them right out of the pan!

Forget those cumbersome spatulas, the Orgreenic Flip Jack pan is the simplest means to make pancakes! Just add batter to the Flip Jack pan, flip and shut the cover for complete sized tasty flap jacks!

The Flip Jack Pancake Pan is the ideal method to make good sized, mouth watering pancakes and flapjacks. Flip Jack is made with OrGreenic nonstick layer so your food will certainly come easily out of the pan with simply a flip.

With this great offer that has been seen on tv you also get a recipe guide and a batter pitcher. You will find yourself going for the Flip Jack more and more when cooking your breakfast foods.

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