Thursday, November 10, 2011

Half Time Drill Driver

Half Time

Half time, drip, flip, drive and be done in half the time. 

Do you home projects take forever? Do you want to speed up time? Check out Half Time Drill Driver it helps you to get the work done in half the time. We all know time is money and switching back and forth between drill bits and driver heads takes even longer.

With the Half Time Drill Driver it has a new way to drill, flip and drive in only 5 seconds, that's amazing. You will never have to change a bit in the middle of a job again! Half Time works with the tools you already have. Saving you money having to replace your existing tools and plus making them better than before. You can go from drilling to driving, philips to flat, just about any combination for any task.

The Half Time Drill Driver is one amazing professional tool.

The half time drill driver includes 8x phillip head adapters, 8x flat head adapters and also 8x drill bits!

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