Thursday, November 10, 2011

Comfy Control Comfortable Mesh Dog Harness

Comfy Control Harness

The new doh harness that combines both comfort and control. It is available in 4 sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. Fits chest sizes as small as 15.5".

The comfy control harness is easily adjustable, customizes in seconds, no chocking of the neck and it has an air flow mesh design.

The comfy control harness is so easy to use just slip around the body, adjust it for comfort and control then easily attach matching leash.

The comfy control harness can even fit smaller dogs like Yorkshire Terriers, Shih-tsu'z, Pug, Boston Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi and even a Jack Russel. Make walk time more enjoyable for you and your pet.

Chock control can be painful and cause injury. You don't want that and neither does your furry companion. The Comfy Control Harness can send control signals to the chest and body and does not hurt the neck. So now you and your dog can enjoy an easy controlled, comfortable walks together.

Check out these great features:

Even pressure on the chest
Strong safe mesh
Cool air flow design

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