Monday, June 20, 2011

Magic Mesh Instant Screen Door Cover

Magic Mesh Screen Door
The magic mesh screen door closes like magic. It is really not magic it's magnetics. This screen door is perfect for this time of year. The weather can be beautiful outside and you would like to get some fresh air. But, you do not want insects getting in.

With magic mesh you can leave your door open and this screen should keep the bugs out. It is so easy to install and should fit most standard size single doors and sliders. Save on your electric bill by using nature's soft winds instead of a fan or air conditioner.

This screen door can be used on sliders, doors leading to your garage, shed doors, pet doors on your RV. I am sure you will find many areas in your home where this door would come in handy. What a great inexpensive way to help cool down your home.

Don't be uncomfortable in the summer heat while indoors get the magic mesh magnetic screen door.

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