Friday, April 08, 2011

Gyro Bowl Kids Snack Spill Proof Ball

The 100% kid proof snack bowl. Your kids will love having their snacks in this bowl and walking around with it. It is the fun snack bowl. Also comes with a cover to help keep food fresh. 

What will your child put in the gyro snack bowl? Maybe crackers, strawberries, raisons, cheerios, pudding, yogurt or other snacks. Adults love the gyro bowl too! Perfect for holding nuts and bolts, paper clips, thumb tacks and more.

Gyro Bowl Spill Proof Children's Snack Time Bowl

Super snack contraption!
Make snack time fun!
When snack time is done put on the lid.

Gyro Bowl is the popular children's spill proof bowl that rotates 360 degrees, so food always stays in. Dishwasher safe. 

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Easy Plant Hanger As Seen On TV

With the easy reach pulley system you can hang your plants with ease. Want to water your plant? Just pull down, water and push up. This pulley system is also great for outdoor decorations and bird houses.

Easy reach works indoors and outdoors. Easy Reach Plant Pulley lets you lower and raise hanging baskets with a soft touch. The very user friendly pulley extends the cord up to 31" and locks at any level to hold plant securely in place.

The As Seen On TV Pulley System for Your Plants

With Easy Reach Lower Plants into the Sunlight!
You Can Keep Fresh Herbs in the Kitchen!
EasyReach Fits Standard Size Plant Hangers!
Hooks anywhere in your Home!