Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chef Basket Steel Colander

This is a must have kitchen item.

Check out the new lower price! Great kitchen gadget for the holidays!

ChefBasket the 12 in 1 kitchen tool or dozens of everyday uses, as seen on TV.

The Chef Basket is the new way to make kitchen work fast & straightforward. It starts off flat & instantly expands to a flexible basket that lets you cook, boil, or deep fry foods with ease. Even when hot water or oil is quickly boiling in the pot, the specially designed handles stay chilled to the touch. So you can safely lift out the Chef Basket & go right from the pot to the plate!

This 12-in-1 kitchen tool is designed to make cooking rapid & straightforward! Now cooking spaghetti, seafood, veggies, fried chicken & more are served from pot to plate in minutes with minimal mess or cleaning. basically put your favourite foods in the flexible Chef Basket™ for boiling, steaming or deep-frying. Flip the handles down & use it as a colander to rinse, wash & drain foods. ideal to make use of as a strainer . Folds flat for simple storage. Stainless steel with stay-cool handles.

Stay-Cool Handles-Even While Frying Your favourite Foods!
Ideal to make use of as a Colander to Strain spaghetti, Veggies & More

Great Uses:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Napper Magical Play Pillows

Introducing the Happy Nappers ideal Play Pillow. they are the play pillows that can magically reverse from their home sweet home to a stuffed animal.

The ideal play pillow, easily reverses to your happy napper play pillow.
When you’re completed playing, just give your Happy Napper a hug goodnight and return them to their Home Sweet Home.

All you require to do is unzip the magical door to wake and then take them out to transform your Happy Napper pillow in to a full play pal.

When you’re completed playing with the Happy Napper, just kiss them good night and return them back to their Home Sweet Home and it’s a pillow again.

Happy Nappers are great for children whether it is for travelling sleep overs, just playing or for happy napping. They’ll make an excellent holiday gift or for any special occasion.

Pick from 6 different buddies:

Whether it’s a dog House, Dragon’s Castle, Kitty Cottage or Bug Bungalow,  there’s nothing like a Happy Napper, The ideal Play Pillow!

Happy Nappers is the ideal play time pillow and sleep time buddy. Your kid with have a brand new friend in the happy napper pillow.

Happy Napper pillows are cuddly playful toys that your children are definite to love. The hard part will be which one to buy. You will require all of them because they are so cute!

(click for pricing and ordering details) You know you want to!

Reversible Happy Nappers: Barn to Cow, Castle to Dragon, Bungalow to Ladybug, Igloo to Penguin, dog House to dog, Palace to Unicorn

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tobi Professional Steamer

It's like having a dry cleaner store right in your own home.

Get Wrinkle-Free Clothes in Seconds – Without Ironing or a Trip to the Cleaners. The Amazing TOBI Portable Wrinkle Remover. It's like having a dry cleaning store right in your house.

Tobi SteamerThrow away your ironing board for good! To steam away wrinkles in seconds, just hang the garment on a regular hanger. No board or flat surface required. The heat and moisture get rid of wrinkles in seconds. Turn the lighted switch to ON. You apply no pressure. Just touch the garment lightly, and move the nozzle up and down. It’s easy – even fun!

A dry cleaning store in your bedroom

Laundries and dry cleaners can do the work for you … but with all the different shirts, slacks, skirts, and suits you wear in a month, the cost can really add up fast – and take a big bite out of your household budget.

Do you lack time and patience for ironing? TOBI lets you steam wrinkles out of your clothes at home, just like professional dry cleaners do in their stores … saving time and money. TOBI removes wrinkles the fastest – and most effective – way possible. With live steam. The same live steam that professional dry cleaners use – only at a tiny fraction of the cost!

Removes wrinkles from all your clothes — right on the hanger.
Easily glides right over obstacles — buttons, pockets, sequins and prints.
Eliminates unpleasant odors – clothes smell laundry-fresh.
Prevents heat damage — no burning or scorching.
Works beautifully on all fabrics — with no ripping or tearing.
Portable – carry it throughout your home to steam clothes, curtains, drapes, upholstery.

Quick-change upholstery attachment. Steam coaches, chairs, and all your upholstery to like-new condition with your portable TOBI Wrinkle Remover.

Lint brush. Combines the brushing action of a conventional lint brush with the steam-cleaning of the TOBI system to remove lint, pet hair, and other unwanted particles and fibers.

Not only will your clothes look cleaner and crisper, but your new TOBI will quickly pay for itself in time and money saved.

Monday, August 23, 2010

6 Week Body Makeover

So what comes with the six week body makeover? Check it out you get all the tools you need to help reshape your body in just six short weeks. Try it risk free!

Body Blueprinting Program
All the tools you need to Blueprint your body and create a Custom Eating Plan and 18-Minute Body Sculpting Routine designed specifically for your unique metabolism and problem areas – so you can START EATING MORE, EXERCISING LESS, AND SEE RESULTS RIGHT AWAY. And the simple video program will get you started in just minutes!

Custom Eating Plan
A day-by-day, meal-by-meal eating plan designed for your body which will show you how to eat more of the foods that will speed up your unique metabolism so you can LOSE ALL THE WEIGHT YOU WANT. Plus a dining out guide, dozens of recipes for delicious fat-burning meals, and other powerful tools that make it easy to eat to lose wherever you go.

Living Lean Program
Once you've made your body look exactly the way you want it to, the LIVING LEAN PROGRAM GIVES YOU ALL THE TOOLS AND MOTIVATION TO KEEP IT THAT WAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Including 3 CDs of Michael Thurmond's tips and tricks to make sure you keep the weight off.

Personalized 18-Minute Body Sculpting Program
Everything you need to create a customized 18 minute body sculpting program GUARANTEED TO GIVE YOU THE BODY YOU WANT. And with the Precision Body Sculpting Workout DVD and specially-designed Body Sculpting Band, you can makeover your body right in your own home.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bark Off Barking Dog

Stop your dog from barking anytime, anywhere. Bark Off is the brand new little pet friendly product designed to help you work with your dog to cut down on his or her barking. We all love our dogs but there are times you just wish you could just turn off their barking. Well now you can with Bark Off, the ingenious ultrasonic training aid that finally gives you control over your dogs barking. Can also help stop your neighbor's dog from barking.

We all love our dogs but there are times you just wish you could just turn off their barking. Well now you can with BarkOff, the ingenious ultrasonic training aid that finally gives you control over your dogs barking. When you’d prefer that your dog didn’t bark simply switch on the bark off and when your dog does bark it sets off an ultrasonic signal that’s inaudible to human ears but instantly captures your dogs attention and interrupts the barking pattern to quiet him down.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

3 Minute Legs Leg Toning Machine

You could spend hours in the gym and not get the same targeted workout you get in your own home with 3 MINUTE LEGS™, if you don't feel it working the first three minutes and see spectacular results in only 30 days, return it for a full refund of your purchase price, absolutely no questions asked. You really have nothing to lose.

3 Minute Legs

It supports your body weight in just the right amount to let you do the exercises correctly. When you're lined up, using the right amount of weight, your muscles get the optimum results.

Science: What's so remarkable about the 3 MINUTE LEGS™ is it uses a principal called unloading.

They're toned, they're strong, and if you do it three minutes a day, you're going to be surprised at how incredible the results will be over time.

Just one three-minute mini-circuit routine quickly works your muscles to fatigue to create lean muscles.

These are the muscles that burn fat, and that's why the 3 MINUTE LEGS™ can deliver these incredible results in just three minutes a day.

Why spend hours at the gym, or thousands of dollars on machines that don't even target your problem areas?

• Compact
• Portable
• Steel Frame
• Comfortable contoured seat
• Holds up to 275 pounds
• Glides smoothly on all surfaces
• Won't scratch floors
• Adjusts to your height and your fitness level

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Abdoer Twist

It's perfect for beginners and athletes alike. now you can transform your body and your life with the Abdoer Twist™.

Abdoer Twist

The abdoer abdominal workout chair is back with a whole new twist.
Total workout for your midsection, abdominals, obliques and lower back.
The abdoer twist is easy to assemble

Contouring Arm Bars: eliminates stress to hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck and upper back Rotate upward and downward for muscle-toning benefits to your shoulders, biceps, triceps, upper back and chest.

Multiple Resistance Rods: for a more challenging core workout.

Swivel Action Seat with Multiple Resistance Dial: Increases fat-burning muscle-toning benefits to your entire abdominal region with target emphasis to all sides of your legs, hamstrings, hips, buttocks and obliques

Massage Roller: Gives you a revitalizing therapeutic massage every time.

DVD Routines: Inventor and Award Winning Fitness Expert, John Abdo, guides you through several challenging and highly productive routines. The Abdoer Twist™ allows you to do "ABDOBICS", a routine that targets all sides of your midsection, including your abdominals, obliques and mid-to-lower back region.

Now you can build lean muscle mass, tighten your core and aerobically scorch away calories while at the same time, multiplying your results and dramatically reducing your workout time. The new twisting action also engages your lower body to sculpt your legs, buns and thighs- all from a comfortable seated position. In just minutes a day you'll experience a total body workout in the comfort of your own home.



The Tower 200 Ultimate Workout

Tower 200 gets you in great shape like 5 time Mixed Martial Arts Champion Randy "The Natural" Couture:

11 Minutes "No Excuses" 
200 lbs. Total Resistance 
Over 200 Exercises
Train like Randy The Couture

With The Tower 200 Get Bigger, Harder and Stronger! Tower 200 uses multi-tension Power Cords. These have an advantage over free weights because as you stretch them, they become more difficult to extend. This means you are placing more stress on the muscle at exactly the right time.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Red Ab Rocket Twister

Ab Rocket Twister
Get sizzling hot, bikini ready, six pack abs with the Ab Rocket workout machine.

Shape up for 2012 using the ab rocket. Do you hate doing ab crunches? If so then you will want to check out the ab rocket to make doing those crunches less painful.
Ab Rocket Twister™ As Seen on TV
Blast your Abs with Ab Rocket
Ab Rocket is the fat blasting system that will melt the inches from your waistline fast!  The easy, comfortable workout is great for all fitness levels.   
The Ab Rocket Package Includes:

Ab Rocket Machine
Rocking Fat Blasting DVDs
5 In 1 Cardio DVD
Three Levels of Resistance Bands
Blast Away The Calories Meal Plan 
30 Day Risk Free Trial
Order The Ab Rocket System

AirClimber Stepper

Air Climber - Make Exercise Fun Again Only Air Climber has air power technology to help you work out. Get cardio, weight loss and tighter abs while you step on air.
air climber
It's the fun workout that uses air to eliminate impact, while still burning the fat. You can lose 10 lbs or 10 inches in 10 days.
Now get cardio, weight loss and tighter abs and core while you step on air with Brenda Dygraf's new AirClimber System. It’s the fun workout that uses air to eliminate impact, while each step lifts and shapes toned legs while you burn carbs. Plus, Brenda’s exciting workouts combine fat burning,total body toning and an ab work out, all in one. Try the total gym system that helps you lose weight and get in shape at home.

1948 F-1 Ford PU Collectible

The perfect gift to give for model truck collectors.
Ford’s 60th anniversary legendary pickup trucks are is a collector’s dream opportunity.

1948 and 1956 Ford pickup collector’s trucks   
Legendary Ford pickup collector’s trucks 
Ford’s 60th anniversary Legendary Pickup Trucks  
1948 F-1 & 1956 F100 pickup trucks 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

OrGreenic Green Frying Pan Cookware

Get healthy with natural ceramic non-stick cookware. It's super non-stick surface is a patented natural ceramic material that requires little or no oil, butter or grease to cook your food just right.

OrGreenic As Seen on TV Green Frying Pan
No more stuck food or chipping and peeling. Cook healthier with the orgreenic green frying pan.

orgreenic kitchenware

OrGreenic is the new discovery for cooking that's a must have for your kitchen. It's super non-stick surface is a patented natural ceramic material that requires little or no oil, butter or grease to cook your food perfectly. The non-stick surface you're probably using now may be banned in the future because it can emit a toxic gas if left on high heat. OrGreenic Ceramic Cookware