Friday, November 06, 2009

ShamWow Vince Cleaning Cloths

The ShamWow is a revolutionary, multi-use cleaning cloth that holds over 20 times its’ weight in liquids. It’s like a towel, chamois and a sponge all in one! Use it to clean up spills fast. It will not scratch or damage any surfaces. Machine wash.

Holds 12 times its weight in liquid!
Machine washable & bleachable!
Cleans up spills fast!
Will not scratch surfaces!
Shamwow Cloths Made in Germany!


The ShamWow Infomercial has been rated #1 by CNBC! Vince Offer does a great job promoting the shamwow cloths.

Exclusive offer, get the shamwow twist mop free! Made with the same super absorbent material as the ShamWow and does not drip. Plus, all you have to do to rinse is turn and twist the ShamWow Mop handle. You’ll never have to touch a dirty mop head or water again. The ShamWow Mop head comes off easily and is machine washable, bleachable and comes with a 5-year warranty

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