Friday, November 13, 2009

ISO7X Build Muscle and Strength with Isometrics

Uses Isometrics – The Fastest Way to Build Strength & Lean Muscle

ISO7X Isometrics

Iso7x Build strength, power and lean muscle…fast with Iso7x. The new 7 second workout uses isometrics to target muscles. With Iso7x you get over 30 different exercises for a total body workout. Each exercise is just 7 seconds for fast results. Iso7x is compact so you can store it anywhere. Order now and you will receive Iso Arms

As Seen on TV ISO7X
ISO7X Fitness Program - ISO7X Isometrics Program - ISO7X Gym

Build strength, power and lean muscle with ease The new 7 second workout revolution Over 30 Different Exercises for A Total Body Workout Just 7 Seconds Per Exercise Works muscles isometrically, the fastest way to get ripped Get fit using isometrics Get a targeted workout in seconds Workout problem areas fast

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