Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bender Ball Stability Exercise Ball

The Bender Ball is a pliable “mini stability ball” that allows the exerciser to work the core muscles. It was created by Master Fitness Trainer Leslee Bender. The secret to great results with the BenderBall is the Bender Method of Core Training which uses her Selective Stabilization method to bring about the best possible results.

Want to sculpt your abs fast? Try the Bender Ball Core Method!

Sculpt great abs fast!Get your abs ready for summer!What is 408% more effective than crunches?Have a ball getting rid of those love handles!Get results fast with the Bender Ball! BenderBall - As Seen On TV
This revolutionary exercise stability ball is 408% more effective than ordinary crunches. It targets the muscles you want from all sides for fast results!

Bender Ball kit includes: - 1 Bender Ball- The Bender Method Manual- Leslie Bender's amazing workout DVD

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