Thursday, April 30, 2009

Awesome Auger Billy Mays Garden Tool

The awesome auger makes yard
work easy. A very powerful yard tool, the awesome auger as
seen on tv.

Awesome Auger

With the awesome auger you can blast through
hard rock or clay! Cut through thick roots. Easily
power out rocks and remove stubborn stumps.

Make the hole, Plant & Grow Plant Trees, Shrubs
& Bushes

Dig Post Holes Penetrate Any Soil

The awesome auger As Seen on Tv with Billy Mays.

Awesome Auger is great for:
+ Digging post holes + Planting trees, bulbs & shrubs

+ Removing weeds + Tilling and cultivating plants

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ab Coaster Work Out Abs Machine

Ab Coaster Fast Way To Great Abs

The Ab Coaster system will get you incredible abs faster than ever. It’s the revolutionary fitness product that is changing the way you’ll work your abs.

Ab Coaster Abs Glider

No more crunches, no more getting on the floor, no more strain on your neck or back!

Just a few minutes a day on the Ab Coaster® is all you need to get a lean sexy waistline.

The fast way to great abs
Coast your way to great abs
Get rock hard abs the easy way
As seen on TV ab machine
Get the abs you always wanted with AbCoaster
The fast, easy way to incredible abs
Get sexy abs without getting down on the floor