Thursday, December 24, 2009

Slim In 6 Debbie Siebers Beachbody

Slim In 6 Get Slim In 6 Weeks


Slim in 6® will literally reshape your body in 6 short weeks. The secret is Debbie's exclusive Slim Training® technique, which combines fat-burning cardio with light resistance moves to help you slim and sculpt your body without bulking you up! You'll literally shrink your midsection and get slim, sexy thighs, hips, and arms—all in just 6 WEEKS.

Plus, order now and get Debbie's 6-Day Express™ Diet Plan to help you lose up to 6 pounds and 6 inches in your first 6 days—guaranteed!

Amazing before and after pic. Beachbody's slim in 6 has been advertised on television. This is a great fitness workout program to get you in good shape in just six short weeks.

Reshape your body in just 6 weeks with Debbie Siebers' incredible Slim Training program.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Emery Cat Kitty Scratcher

The Emery Cat is The Fun New Kitty Scratcher That Actually Grooms Cats’ Claws While They Play! The secret is the patented honeycomb surface that works like a nail file, gently filing away sharpness.

Must have tool for feline nail care! 

Infused with irresistible catnip, kitty keeps coming back for more.

Emery Cat Kitty Scratcher
Emery Cat Special Offer

Emery Cat Package Includes:
•Durable Base with built in catnip
•Cute, playful kitty toy
•Bottle of catnip spray
•De-shedder Free Bonus

Swivel Sweeper G2 New and Improved

As Seen on TV Swivel Sweeper! Cordless sweeper.

Swivel Sweeper G2 Designed and engineered to pick up better than the original, Swivel Sweeper.

G2 can slide and glide on any surface without changing the settings.

With its new back saver elbow joint, you can reach any area without bending.

And clean-up is a breeze with its touchless dirt trays - just click and it's empty.

ISO7X Build Muscle and Strength with Isometrics

Uses Isometrics – The Fastest Way to Build Strength & Lean Muscle

ISO7X Isometrics

Iso7x Build strength, power and lean muscle…fast with Iso7x. The new 7 second workout uses isometrics to target muscles. With Iso7x you get over 30 different exercises for a total body workout. Each exercise is just 7 seconds for fast results. Iso7x is compact so you can store it anywhere. Order now and you will receive Iso Arms

As Seen on TV ISO7X
ISO7X Fitness Program - ISO7X Isometrics Program - ISO7X Gym

Build strength, power and lean muscle with ease The new 7 second workout revolution Over 30 Different Exercises for A Total Body Workout Just 7 Seconds Per Exercise Works muscles isometrically, the fastest way to get ripped Get fit using isometrics Get a targeted workout in seconds Workout problem areas fast

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big Top Cupcake Giant Sized Cupcakes

Big Top Cupcake

The fast and easy way to make colossal cupcakes that are up to 25x bigger than normal size cupcakes! Everyone’s face will light up when you make a king-sized cupcake kitten!

Get giant, cake-sized cupcakes. Make colossal cupcakes 25x bigger than normal. Bake giant cupcakes with no hassle or mess. Withe the big top cupcake system make cupcakes filled with ice cream, pudding, mouse or gelatin. Bake a perfect cupcake every time. Create memorable cakes perfect for any occasion.

Big Top Cupcake- Giant Cake Sized Cupcakes
Big Top Cupcake allows you to create colossal cupcakes 25x bigger than regular cupcakes. Get bakery results without the high prices. Just fill, bake and decorate.

Get giant sized cupcakes with Big Top Cupcake!

Riddex Power Plus Pest Control

The revolutionary pest control system. Keep mice, roaches and rats out for good! Riddex Plus, patented pest control system works fast, chemical free!

Keep pest out of your home. The revolutionary pest control system Rid your home of rodents and roaches in a safe, chemical free way. The best product of its kind on the market. No more harmful chemicals or expensive treatments.

Riddex Power Plus

Rid unwelcomed mice, roaches and other vermin without killing them. Repel unwelcomed mice, roaches and other vermin safe and effective. No more expensive treatments, no fumes, no mess or traps. Safe and effective way to rid unwelcomed varmints. Riddex has been successful removing pests for 12 years. Remove pest once and for all.

Eco Canteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Be Healthy and Go Green with these Stainless Steel Water Bottles.

ecocanteen - Be Healthy and Go Green with a New Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

Protect Your Family’s HealthStudies are coming out at a rapid rate showing the dangers of ingesting toxins leached from plastic bottles. Why place your family at risk?

Aluminum bottles are also a danger, as they require a special chemical coating that often peels off into the water you drink. Get one of the Top Ten Green Products of the century and get an insulated tote on us.

Eco Canteen
Save money, save the environment and protect your family. Be healthy and go green. Stainless steel water bottle. Eco friendly water bottle 26oz stainless steel water bottle. One of the top ten green products. Easy and convenient water canteen. Healthy and convenient way to carry water. Reusable stainless steel water bottle. Stop drinking plastic toxins. Lightweight, stainless steel water bottle. Fits in car cup holder and dishwasher safe. Eco Canteen As seen on TV water bottle.

Canteen Health Bottle

Shoes Under Shoe Storage

Shoes Under stores twelve pairs of shoes under your bed, saving you valuable closet space. Now you can keep your closets free of shoe clutter when you store your shoes in Shoes Under.

Space saving shoe organizer. The space saving solution for shoes. Organize and protect your shoes. Store shoes under the bed. Keep shoes organized with Shoes Under. As seen on TV shoe organizer. As seen on TV closet space saver.Store 12 pairs of shoes. Say goodbye to shoe clutter.

Shoes Under - The Space Saving Solution To Organize and Protect Your Shoes.
This amazing product holds up to 12 pairs of shoes with a clear see-through cover. It keeps shoes dust, moisture and bug free.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bender Ball Stability Exercise Ball

The Bender Ball is a pliable “mini stability ball” that allows the exerciser to work the core muscles. It was created by Master Fitness Trainer Leslee Bender. The secret to great results with the BenderBall is the Bender Method of Core Training which uses her Selective Stabilization method to bring about the best possible results.

Want to sculpt your abs fast? Try the Bender Ball Core Method!

Sculpt great abs fast!Get your abs ready for summer!What is 408% more effective than crunches?Have a ball getting rid of those love handles!Get results fast with the Bender Ball! BenderBall - As Seen On TV
This revolutionary exercise stability ball is 408% more effective than ordinary crunches. It targets the muscles you want from all sides for fast results!

Bender Ball kit includes: - 1 Bender Ball- The Bender Method Manual- Leslie Bender's amazing workout DVD

Always Fresh Food Storage Containers

Always fresh containers - Keep Your Foods Fresh for up to 50 days Longer
Storing food the ordinary way traps food with the food-spoiling gases causing food to spoil even faster.

Always Fresh Containers releases all-natural minerals that act like magnets to remove these damaging gases allowing food lasts up to 50 days longer.

Always Fresh Containers
Always Fresh Storage
Fresh Storage Containers

Storing food the ordinary way traps food with the food-spoiling gases it naturally emits during the ripening process. This causes food to spoil even faster.

Always Fresh Containers™ uses nanotechnology to release all-natural minerals that act like magnets to remove these damaging gases. Food lasts up to weeks longer!

Yudu Home Screen Printing System

YuDu is the all-in-one Tabletop Screen Printing System. Personalize anything. You can screen print t-shirts, jeans, handbags, jackets, uniforms, crafts, home decor, cards, gifts and much much more.

Now you can personalize t-shirts, bags, gifts, cards… or anything right from your own home.

•YuDu System
•Image CD
•User-Guide and How-To DVD
•Transparencies, Emulsion Sheets & Inks
•T-Shirt Platen
•And Much More!

Personalize your life and items in it.
The Yudu Screen Printing Machine The unique you comes shining through with Yudu! This versatile, revolutionary screen printer system allows you to express your quirky self. You’ll create and print original designs for home decor, art prints, posters, cards, schoolwork and pretty much anything you and your family can imagine, working with porous fabrics, paper or wood. And, cleanup is easy with water!

YuDu As Seen on TV
Screen Print at Home with YuDu™

Friday, November 06, 2009

Jupiter Jack Auto Cell Phone Jack

Jupiter Jack - Safely talk & drive at the same time.
Just plug the Jupiter Jack in then preset your radio to 99.3. Now you have a hands free device that projects your voice through your speakers for less than half of what one would cost you anywhere

Jupiter Jack As Seen On TV

Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan helped to produce a commercial ad for the jupiter jack and turn this product into a huge seller.

Jupiter Jack DeviceIt is very easy to use and keeps your hands free while talking on your cellphone when you are driving.

With the purchase of the jupiter jack get a free dashboard mount.

ShamWow Vince Cleaning Cloths

The ShamWow is a revolutionary, multi-use cleaning cloth that holds over 20 times its’ weight in liquids. It’s like a towel, chamois and a sponge all in one! Use it to clean up spills fast. It will not scratch or damage any surfaces. Machine wash.

Holds 12 times its weight in liquid!
Machine washable & bleachable!
Cleans up spills fast!
Will not scratch surfaces!
Shamwow Cloths Made in Germany!


The ShamWow Infomercial has been rated #1 by CNBC! Vince Offer does a great job promoting the shamwow cloths.

Exclusive offer, get the shamwow twist mop free! Made with the same super absorbent material as the ShamWow and does not drip. Plus, all you have to do to rinse is turn and twist the ShamWow Mop handle. You’ll never have to touch a dirty mop head or water again. The ShamWow Mop head comes off easily and is machine washable, bleachable and comes with a 5-year warranty

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Windshield Wonder Glass Cleaner

The Windshield Wonder uses a 16" handle to help reach all the way down to the dash and base of your rear window. This makes for cleaning you car windshield much easier without the strain. Clean windshields without the straining or stretching .

Windshield Wonder As Seen On TV

The windshield wonder micro fiber cloth is uniquely suited for cleaning windows with fibers that open up to grab particles of dirt and dust and then hang onto them.

The unique pivoting head is made with a curvature similar to that of your windshield and provides even pressure across the mating surface.

Windshield wonder also works on windows in the house and mirrors too!

This is one handy cleaning tool.

The windshield wonder is also perfect for moisture and fog removal. Cleans with water – no glass cleaner needed.

Water Jet Garden Hose Pressure Washer

The water jet is Composed of high quality stainless steel, aluminum, and brass for powerful results and long lasting use! Turn your ordinary garden hose into a high pressure power washer. Great for cleaning many things. Clean debris on your driveway, clean out your gutters, wash your windows, car and much more.

The Water Jet As Seen On TV is your easy, economical solution for tough outdoor problems. Water Jet Power Washer removes built-up dirt & mold on wood or aluminum siding & concrete foundations.

The Water Jet is the amazing all-new hose attachment that turns your ordinary water hose into a high-power washer.

The water jet is easy to use just connect it to your regular garden hose and adjust the nozzle to wash your RV, boat, car, lawn furniture, gutters, awnings, driveway, lawn chairs and more.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Heel Tastic

Roll away rough, dry skin on your heels and feetNew miracle roll on balm for cracked, dry skin. Roll away rough and dry skin. Also great for elbows and knees.
Roll on balm for dry, rough skinGreat for skin that needs deep healing moisturize.

Get smoother and softer skin. Formulated for cracked and dry skin. Rid dry, rough skin in just days with heel-tastic. Get amazing results in just days with heeltastic. Use heel-tastic on heels, feet, elbows and more. Great for heels, feet, elbows and knees. Say goodbye to those problems of the past. Heeltastic Roll on balm formulated for chronic cracked dry skin. Get baby soft feet now and get rid of cracked heels.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Awesome Auger Billy Mays Garden Tool

The awesome auger makes yard
work easy. A very powerful yard tool, the awesome auger as
seen on tv.

Awesome Auger

With the awesome auger you can blast through
hard rock or clay! Cut through thick roots. Easily
power out rocks and remove stubborn stumps.

Make the hole, Plant & Grow Plant Trees, Shrubs
& Bushes

Dig Post Holes Penetrate Any Soil

The awesome auger As Seen on Tv with Billy Mays.

Awesome Auger is great for:
+ Digging post holes + Planting trees, bulbs & shrubs

+ Removing weeds + Tilling and cultivating plants

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ab Coaster Work Out Abs Machine

Ab Coaster Fast Way To Great Abs

The Ab Coaster system will get you incredible abs faster than ever. It’s the revolutionary fitness product that is changing the way you’ll work your abs.

Ab Coaster Abs Glider

No more crunches, no more getting on the floor, no more strain on your neck or back!

Just a few minutes a day on the Ab Coaster® is all you need to get a lean sexy waistline.

The fast way to great abs
Coast your way to great abs
Get rock hard abs the easy way
As seen on TV ab machine
Get the abs you always wanted with AbCoaster
The fast, easy way to incredible abs
Get sexy abs without getting down on the floor