Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tobi Professional Steamer

It's like having a dry cleaner store right in your own home.

Get Wrinkle-Free Clothes in Seconds – Without Ironing or a Trip to the Cleaners. The Amazing TOBI Portable Wrinkle Remover. It's like having a dry cleaning store right in your house.

Tobi SteamerThrow away your ironing board for good! To steam away wrinkles in seconds, just hang the garment on a regular hanger. No board or flat surface required. The heat and moisture get rid of wrinkles in seconds. Turn the lighted switch to ON. You apply no pressure. Just touch the garment lightly, and move the nozzle up and down. It’s easy – even fun!

A dry cleaning store in your bedroom

Laundries and dry cleaners can do the work for you … but with all the different shirts, slacks, skirts, and suits you wear in a month, the cost can really add up fast – and take a big bite out of your household budget.

Do you lack time and patience for ironing? TOBI lets you steam wrinkles out of your clothes at home, just like professional dry cleaners do in their stores … saving time and money. TOBI removes wrinkles the fastest – and most effective – way possible. With live steam. The same live steam that professional dry cleaners use – only at a tiny fraction of the cost!

Removes wrinkles from all your clothes — right on the hanger.
Easily glides right over obstacles — buttons, pockets, sequins and prints.
Eliminates unpleasant odors – clothes smell laundry-fresh.
Prevents heat damage — no burning or scorching.
Works beautifully on all fabrics — with no ripping or tearing.
Portable – carry it throughout your home to steam clothes, curtains, drapes, upholstery.

Quick-change upholstery attachment. Steam coaches, chairs, and all your upholstery to like-new condition with your portable TOBI Wrinkle Remover.

Lint brush. Combines the brushing action of a conventional lint brush with the steam-cleaning of the TOBI system to remove lint, pet hair, and other unwanted particles and fibers.

Not only will your clothes look cleaner and crisper, but your new TOBI will quickly pay for itself in time and money saved.

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