Sunday, January 30, 2011

UGlu Bonding Tape


UGlu sticks to everything but your fingers. Create a permanent bond to any surface instantly. 

Revolutionary new adhesive in the convenience of tape. UGlu industrial adhesive.   

You'll be amazed at all the ways you can use UGlu.  It bonds to any surface, and comes off easy, with no mess or damage. You’ll get our 75-piece Variety Pack.

Amazing industrial strength tape As Seen on TV. Instant Grip, Powerful Bond, No Mess Ever! Waterproof and Weatherproof, Can be cleanly removed, and has Easy-to-peel over-sized liners. It Bonds to most any surface, including rough or uneven surfaces.

Transform a room with crown molding, chair rails and pictures…all without nails

Save on home repairs, hang pictures, keep rugs in place

Permanent, but removes easily without residue or mess

    Great for crafts, kid’s projects and scrap booking


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